UX & Web Design


2030 Water Resources Group hired me to create the website for them back in 2014, but since there, this program of the IFC has grown into many different areas and countries, so the client wants to give the website a new lift, some design that combines the new programs they have been working, a bolder design, but still maintain the structure than the users are familiar with.


Implement the new programs, mainintain the structure, change the design of the home page to make it more attractive, and change the publications page so it is easier for the user to find the documents they want.


I met with the client to understand more in detail what areas and countries they have implemented since we created the site. We establish that the site needs to grab more attention to the user, and the way we were planning to achieve that was using strong imaginary than the client has the different programs they have. The program has 4 very initiatives in countries like Bangladesh, Mongolia, Peru and South Africa, so we want that to be the top part of the homepage. We want the homepage to be a summary of everything that was happening on the site.
The publications page also change completely, with very bold colors, and each publication displayed in a more dynamic way and taking advantage of the 12 column grid we have designed the website.


Wireframes created in Sketch

2030 Water Resources Group Wireframes